" The small claims process is  long and complicated. There are so many stages and forms to understand. I have 30+ years in the small claims process and in collections. Let my expertise walk you through the complicated process, do it for you or teach it to you. "

Smart Small Claims provides:

1. Assisting in affidavits for the small claims filing.

2. Doing the whole process for you.

3. We will train your employees in the small claim process.

If you're a loan company, medical company, property leasing company, small service company or an individual needing to sue or evict someone our company can assist you. From original affidavit to obtaining judgement we are experts in every aspect.
 We are not attorneys. Attorneys are not required for the small claims process. Small claim amounts very from county to county please call or email us today to see if your case falls in the small claims category.
We also offer:

Wage Garnishment


Skip Tracing

Process service

Mediation service 

Filing on returned checks


Deficiency Judgement

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Pre Court Work Up


Pre Court Work Up


Verifications and notifications. Call for indepth listing.

Affidavit filing, court appearance, affidavit and document prep, process service, and certified mail. Call for a indepth list.